TOPAZ RIP Version 9.0 is released (2006.3.25)
Version 9.0 is very enhanced with all recent printer drivers, easy profiling with naked-eyes module, professional profiling with all required spectrometer connections, very practical nesting and tiling option and etc.
CoreImposition New version is under finishing (2006.3.7)
CoreImposition version 1.0 was one of the best sellers in Imposition market, with the OEM brand name of Compose Systems (HK) Now new version with fashionable GUI is going to be released pretty soon!
VisualDot is the most advanced and cost-effective Dot-proofing software. CorePDFimposition enables fast and easy imposition of any PDF files for printing.
Valloy Inc is providing the most essential imaging solutions and related peripherals in digital printing industry like Topaz Rip, printer, media, ink and banner stands etc.

Valloy Inc is providing all of products for textile printing like Textile Rip, DTP,ink and media etc.
Especially DTP is enables direct printing on specially coated textiles without transper paper.

People can select their preferred movies and watch it in stereo3D at home without any more investment by 3DroDVD and Ghost3D etc. In Lumnescent source display field, we provide new technologies in this stereocopic display industry like automatic 2D to 3D conversion. 2D/3D multipurpose display and lenticular 3D printing media.
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