What is CorePDFImposition
Imposition means reconstructing and editing multi pages to be fit to the printer's size for printing out each design edited page. CorePDFimposition enables fast and easy imposition of any PDF files for printing.

The previous version of CoreImposition has been one of Best Sellers in Imposition market for 6 years, mainly under the OEM brand name of Compose Systems in HK. Now the very new version is repeased to meet customer's request of up-to-date fashionable GUI, easy and intuitive interface, dynamic preview with e-book simulation and multiple types of layout in the same plate.

CorePDFImposition's feature

  • Users can use it easily because it is used in Windows 95/98/NT.
  • IBM Expenditure and time will be saved because it can impose PC and MAC simultaneously.
  • Users can set up production method (left, right, upper and center binding) freely.
  • Users can set up direction or order of folding freely.
  • Page number can be controlled optionally by inserting empty pages freely.
  • Users can set up Imposition style optionally.
  • When an edited page is much larger than printer size, cropping function that cuts the margin of page?is provided
  • It provides Bleed function so that Trim mark that is the primal work in printing can be available.
  • It provides mark tools of register mark so that users can define register marks.
  • It provides Tiled output for image setter of small output size.
  • It provides Preview function. (per each plate and page)
  • It is useful on printing because Gripper will be printed out.

System configuration

  • 9Computer installed Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
  • 64MB memory, over 128MB recommended
  • 120MB available spaces

Product Component

  • CD-ROM : 1Piece
  • Manual : 1Copy
  • Lock : 1EA

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