Topaz Ink



Specialty Ink from VALLOY.

VALLOY does not deal with any 3rd party ink products.
VALLOY is providing 3 specialty ink for Textile Printing Industry only.

1. Textile Pigment Ink
- Pigment particle size is pretty small, no clogging (mean diameter is around 70 nm).
- It is printable on various kinds of substrates with showing bright shades.
- It is printable on uncoated cottons (it is advised to be fixed with heat and press after printing).
- Very good color putity (in comparison with Panton)

2. Dye-sublimation Ink (Disperse-dye ink)
- Very good color putity (in comparison with Panton)
- Consistent quality, Strong black color
- Less smoke and smell
- Environmentally safe
. OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 29CFR 1910.1200
. Oeko-tex Standard 100
. RoHS Hazard materials regulation
. EPA regulation of Prohibition materials

3. Water-based UV ink
- New generation of UV ink with 10nm pigment particle
- Environmentally safe and high flexibility/compatibility with various printing system
- Printable on cotton, jean, leather, rubber as well as other typical UV printing applications.


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