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Many people will agree that media development technology of Korean manufacturers is top class in the world. Taiwan and China manufacturers are following Koreans and their PVC products are relatively good nowadays. However, the gap between Koreans and others is wide enough for development and post-treatment of fabric printing media and other special media like PET, PP, paper and etc.

VALLOY is collaborating with major Korean manufacturers in cutting-edge technologies to introduce the best quality media products under the single brand name. In many cases, there¡¯re complicated factors of customer¡¯s dissatisfaction in digital printing. It is not very easy to tell where the problem comes from, among printer, rip software, ink and media. It is also important fact that the best performance comes from good management and combination of all related factors from the printer, rip software, media and ink. VALLOY provides Rip software together with media and ink and support the proven color profiles of the media and ink for various machines. VALLOY¡¯s one-stop service will bring satisfaction of customer and customer¡¯s customer.

VALLOY is in cooperation with several Korean manufacturing companies and PerfectJet company in Australia to open the market of new Mild Solvent Printing Media and special Fabric advertisement. PerfectJet company is a marketing window of our media product to all over the world including US and Europe. We guarantee to provide the Top quality product lines in reasonable prices, based on in-depth market research that we are conducting in the worldwide market through the vast network of experienced and prestigious partners, to grow together with our customers.

In the center of Changes in Digital Printing Media - Mild Solvent Printing

During the time of having limited supply of super-wide format printers, the market for output service has been dominated by super output service bureaus or large printing service providers together designing facilities combined together with the output service.

As there were more and more installations of Eco/Lite solvent printers followed by mid-range printers, the market has been divided into large corporations and others. The distinction between indoor and outdoor applications has been blended into blurred marginal border as there are so many small to medium sign shops claiming to provide with both applications.

Owing to the lower capital investment to be made to be involved in graphic imaging market, there are so many sign shops and screen printers converged into the market. Most of small to medium sign shops used to provide sign-cutting service, but most of them have entered into digital printing service as well.

Therefore current structure of output service market has pyramid structure of having small number of large or super output service bureaus and small to medium print providers. Most of small to medium printers used to have aqueous ink based printers and now with some kind of solvent printers available as well. However, the application of Eco/Lite solvent printers have been limited due to the fact that they need to have specially treated media rather than uncoated media for solvent printers. There are limited number of media available in the market limiting business opportunities of these print providers.

VALLOY¡¯s Outlook in Mild Solvent Printing Media market

Output media market for super-wide printers and other solvent printers is so much saturated as the entry barrier into this market is fairly low and easier to be involved. However, there are still very big gap between high quality media and low quality media. Most of high quality media are manufactured by European and American manufacturers and entry barrier to gain high level of brand recognition is extremely difficult to reach. Therefore, it seems that it will be a good strategy in focusing now-niche market to grow up with vast opportunity in the future once you get high level of brand recognition in the market of eco/solvent printers.

Furthermore, we may foresee that there will be environmental protection over the output media in the market leading to the prevention of using PVC materials at all. There will be a great change if one develops media treated with other materials than PVC.

Special Dye&Pigment Media VALLOY provides

Besides Eco-Solvent media product, VALLOY is providing remarkable media products in wide range of Dye&Pigment applications. Our quality proven fabric banners, tent fabrics, non-wovens, PP synthetic papers, photographic papers, mirror banners, fine-art canvas and others have enough competibility in economic view point also.

Looking for Partners

VALLOY and PerfectJet are looking for faithful partners which help us distribute our media products together with our TOPAS Rip software and embedded ICC profiles over the world. Please contact us.

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