textile printer

Topaz NPH 1600 has just developed with new way of direct textile printing. We can use it with any Epson Piezo head printer without paper.


  • Direct printing on specially coated textile without using transfer paper
  • You can use any printer with Epson Piezo heads

  • Topaz NPH is possible to run with a connected printer and a disconnected printer
  • Topaz NPH is easy to run
  • It is possible to control the speed as fast as printers Application


    *TOPAZ NPH2500 model is available per orders(supporting up to 2,500mm 98 inch width of media)
    *Different Transformers for different Input Voltage like 110V are available per orders.


    Topaz Air Dust Collector is composed with Non-Woven Fabric.
    It absorbs dust, smell and smoke(silica-oil vapor) and controls humidity. filter and activated carbon filter.


    textile air cleaner



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