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TOPAZRip is Raster Image Processor software (which translates a vector based image under Post Script language into a bitmapped rasterized image with the wide format printer can reproduce. The rip software not only does interpreting PS language but also does color matching, layout adjustment, communication with printer, black enhancement, color correction, workflow management and etc for the recent advanced printing environment.) and we released our new Rip software, "Topaz Rip Business version 8.5".
The new version, "Topaz Rip Business version 8.5" aims to provide easily accessible practical solution?for general users?to fully utilize professional color management, workflow management and quality management.

Main features

- Server feature
multi-queue workflow, virtual printer setting, automatic printing stream and job management

- Color management
CMS wizard to create user's own linearization and ICC profiles without any additional s/w nor devices.

- Color Correction
Freedom of color correction separated from CMS with dynamic preview simulation.
Powerful black enhancement and other important features for getting exactly expected print output.

- Performance
Amazing printing speed (Ripprint: rip&print on the fly) and Easy 'dual-mode' Interface.
Powerful cropping/tiling module and rigidly structured file management.
Perfectly support supercell, Variable dot, Hifi inks (Lc, Lm, Lk, Or, Gr...) at the same time.

- Quality
More than 256 level true color gradation with new screen technology (Topaz QuBis Screen)
Photo-quality interpolation algorithm (Topaz BiCubic interpolation)
Hi-level media-machine interface control and etc.

- Nesting
You'll find the totally difference concept of Nesting in TOPAZ. TOPAZ Nesting does not require importing of ripped images. If we import ripped raster images on nesting layout, we'll not be able to freely edit each job and total size of nested job will be too big to handle.

Benefits of TOPAZ Rip in comparison with other rips

- There's no option for Best Resolution Ripping in another rips, when user wants best quality output. Topaz rip provides various ripping option including original resolution ripping, which creates the best output.

- There's lack of Color Control ability in other rips. Most of users suffer from color correction problem in other rips.
A. When user like to increase 10% of Cyan only. However the output shows increased yellow unexpectedly. B. When user want to print Backlit, black control is very important. With other Rips, if people want to increase ink cut, overall color is out of control. So in many backlit application, black color is too weak if user prevent the output from ink running, which is critical for back-light applications. C. People cannot correctly predict the change of color in output when adjusting color in other rips, that's because other Rips are too dependent on ICC profiles. TOPAZ Rip expands the gamut of ICC profile and allows user to freely adjust colors. TOPAZ Color control is predictable, flexible and controllable. This is because TOPAZ color control module is independent to ICC profiles.

- There's a limitation of output length in other rips. There's no limitation in TOPAZ Rip. 500m long printing is possible, if there's real 500m long media roll.

- There's very strong interpolation algorithm in 'Scale-Up' application in TopazRip, which is called "Topaz Bicubic Interpolation". This enables the best scaled up output from small pictures. There's lack of this option in other rips.

- TopazRip's new screen technology (Topaz Qubis Screen) allows the smoothest gradation (single, dual, multiple colors). Even better than Epson driver itself.

- TopazRip has Profiling Wizard in it as a default, which other rips cannot provide. There're 3 levels of profiling in TopazRip. People can do linearization and profiling without profiler software and calibration devices, just with using normal scanners.

- Ink level is very important point in signage printing. (Very important and this looks the key point of TOPAZ)
In many cases, total ink limit can be lower than 200%, due to the 3rd party ink and media. However ICC profile cannot meet the accurate color under the 200% of total ink limit. The recommendation is to change the ink or media in this case. However, this is not allowed in the real world. TOPAZ Rip was designed to help users to resolve this problem, to get the best result even when they have only 100~120% of total ink limit. TOPAZ Rip has 256X256 level of gradation and sophisticated screen technology to resolve poor quality problem in white point.

- TOPAZ has unique algorithm to treat with Epson's HIFI technology. This can be applied to all Epson-head family like Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh.
It is very important to use variable dots and light inks in Epson heads. But theoretically two technologies are conflicting with each other. TOPAZ is one of a few solution which cleverly resolve the confliction and shows the best quality with using both technologies at the same time.
It is also very difficult to control the curves of light inks. We found the optimal curve through the intensive study on Epson technology and we show the smoothest interchange between light colors and normal colors.

- TOPAZ Nesting is seemless module enabling real flexible and free edition of huge and complex nested layout.
This is very useful for textile printing and print&cutting as well as signage printing like POP.



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