Essential tools for Country-wide Newspaper Advertisement Printing - MonoConvert

One of the most daily-rushing companies is Daily Newspaper company. It need to deliver the same information and images to each reader over the country. Advertisement client companies are expecting the punctual delivery of the exactly same image to the readers as expected.
However, major newspaper company has several press plants and there can be difference performance between press machines in metro city and those in local city. For example, machine of metro city can press 24 color pages in 60 total pages, otherwise local machine only can press 16 color pages due to the long lifespan of printing machines.

In this case advertisement clients are still expecting the top quality images on the press even though it is inevitably in black-and-white. They¡¯ll not allow coarse quality by simple scanning or manual conversion (phisically impossible due to the rapid workflow in newspaper industry), without providing separate black-and-white advertisement images.

VALLOY¡¯s MonoConvert help newspaper companies free from this kind of problems. It can convert the separated CMYK 1 bit TIFF images (which are going to color CTP or CTF machines) into black-and-white TIFF images, in the fastest way automatically. It is important to keep the quality of image with adjusting hue difference of original color images, optimized screen rulings and dot size and shapes by avoiding any appearance of Moire effect.

  Main features

Economic : Current manual black-and-white conversion work requires significant time, expensive scanner and loss of manpower. MonoConvert will save the cost and time by full automatic process.

Accurate : MonoConvert technology is based on complicated screen technology and image separation and re-sampling technology with regarding dot patterns. This enables the production of sharp and clean black-and-white image without odd gray substitution nor any Moire problem.

Fast Automation : MonoConvert scans a certain location in the network and it converts scanned images automatically into accurate gray scale images, without any help of human.



MonoConvert¡¯s MSRP is USD 9,800

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