Reduce your maintenance cost of Solvent Printing Machines significantly, by Head Cleaner.

Life span of heads from large format printers is coming down and the quality is decreasing.
Especially for solvent printers, lots of users are adopting 3rd party inks to reduce the production cost. It is so common problem that those 3rd party inks harms nozzles of heads, which is very expensive.
Stop using a syringe to regenerate the defected heads, with spending one and a half days for fixing a single color head during your machine is left along without printing anything.
VALLOYs Head Cleaner device helps you regenerate your set of heads in just 30 minutes. Regenerated heads can be used for more 6 months and you can keep printing without headache.

VALLOY developed delicate Vacuum Head Cleaning Device and it is currently under the field test.
The VALLOY Head Cleaner will be commercially released in early year 2005.

Main features

The characteristics of solvent based ink for outdoor printer are easy to be evaporated and fast dry, which clogs the print head very easily. In some condition that the print head clogs more frequently if the ink was mixed some micro impurity.? Currently there are 3 ways to clean the print head: 1. Using vacuum cleaner to suck out the built up from outside of the jets. 2. Using syringe with cleaning liquid push out from the inlet of the jet. 3. By ultra-sonic vibrator.? Those 3 above methods will result in 1. Break the edge shape of nozzle. 2. Destroy the piezoelectric crystal inside the jet. 3. Neither cleans the jet at all.

According to above problems, VALLOY Head Cleaner was developed based on the research of nozzle construction and electric specification. VALLOY Head Cleaner is good for Xaar-128 print jet in non-destroyed cleaning and maintenances by computerized controlled piezoelectric crystal vibration.
Generally, it takes 30 minutes to finish whole cleaning process.

VALLOY Head Cleaner is applied on Xaar-128 print jet.

List of compatible printers using Xaae-128 head

Oil / Solvent : Xaar XJ-128
Vistajet II 92, III, IV-98, : Xaar XJ-128
REX 62, Omegajet 62, 92 : Xaar XJ-128
Spacejet 3300 : Xaar XJ-128
Megajet : Spectra 256 / 128 head

Jaehyun Tech
Infinity FY8180, 8250 : Xaar XJ-128 double
Infinity FY6250, 3320 : Spectra 128 Head

Skyjet3316 / Solger3360 : : Xaar XJ-128(200)

S-prin serise : Xaar XJ-128(200)

Galaxy1000 : Xaar XJ-128(200) double
Galaxy3000 : Xaar XJ-128(200) double

SupraQ-2500? : Spectra SL-128
SupraQ-3300? : Spectra SL-128

Cameleon : Xaar XJ-128(200)

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