Technology evolution in Luminescence and Display industry

Luminescent technology is essential technology in human life and its effect on national energy policies is significant. In this regards, major advanced countries are regarding the technology as core technology for reduction of energy consumption and improvement of global environment and those are investing huge resources on it.
Most advanced countries are restricting the specification of lamps which consume 20% of total electricity generated and promoting the use of high-efficiency luminescent lamps. Also in environmental viewpoint, EU is restricting the use of 6 harmful components like Mercury, Lead and Chrome in the lamps. In this regards, it is very important issue to develop new luminescent technology and commercial lamps which meet both demands of high-efficiency and environmental-safety.

Currently, the most widely-used lamp is fluorescent lamp (FL) or cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL). But they are containing mercury vapor in them and should be substituted due to the environmental restrictions. However, there¡¯s lack of good alternatives for them.

Recent research and development in this field are focusing on producing highly efficient and environmentally safe luminescent lamp which is much closer to solar light. Mercury contained in the lamp should be minimized (current FL contains about 25 mg per lamp). This kind of research deals with LED, PDP and EL, but the performance is not as good as current FL, in the comprehensive viewpoint of efficiency, life time, brightness, electricity usage and price. However, one of the most promising alternatives is ¡®Field emission (FE) lamp¡¯, which shows lower usage of energy, high efficiency, fast response and no use of gas like mercury. It¡¯s based on cold-cathode under vacuum condition.

VALLOY is a member of international collaborative research for new luminescent source of Field Emission Lamp, which can be widely applicable in various fields.

Products and Technologies of VALLOY

VALLOY will commercialize UV lamp, which is the first application of FE lamp technology.
There¡¯s no UV lamp which can show higher efficiency and better performance than FE lamp.
VALLOY is looking at environmental market first, for example, Sick Building Syndrome, which is internationally hot issue because it is directly effecting on everybody in the office and home.
VALLOY¡¯s FE UV technology can cure the problem remarkably.

VALLOY is also preparing commercialization of EcoGreen food garbage box, which can eliminate smells and bad pollutants by preventing rotting of foods. The product is also using UV light and ozone generation.

VALLOY will introduce the new remarkable printing media, which is lightening for itself without help of backlight units like FL or CCFL. The basic technology is based on EL but very different from other EL applications. This Self-Lightening Flex can be used for outdoor signs, indoor posters, attachment on the glass, car wrapping, advertising on the round surface like column and other applications. The product is as bright as current sign panels and consumes less than 30% of energy required by current FL based sign panels



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