FE UVR Lamp + Photocatalyst for Environmental Applications

The first promising application of FE lamp in the market.

VALLOY is developing functioned FE UVR (Ultra violet Radiation) Lamp in combination with photocatalyst for indoor air purification purpose. This will be the first step application of FE lamp commercially. Finally, FE lamp can be used for LCD backlight units and general white light lamps in the future.
Currently UV lamps are used for below applications.
- Sterilization : Anti-rotting, Narrow range purification of water and air
- Industrial use : Exposure, Drying, Cleaning and etc.
- Others : Deodorization, Anti-insect, Interior fluorescent lightening and etc.

FE UVR Lamp can be applied to the listed application and moreover it can be applied to much wider applications by its differentiated features of high-efficiency, narrow pick of wavelength, high-intensity, flexible shape and size, environmental safety, low consumption of energy, long life time and etc.
VALLOY is looking at our first application of FE UVR lamp in the indoor air cleaning market.


Photocatalyst is commercialized in 1980¡¯s. Theoretically,
it is very useful for environmental purification of air and
water, due to the high energy when UV-activated electron
comes back to the catalyst.

Photocatalyst has typical features as below.
- Oxidation and decomposition of organic compound
- Sterilization (anti-bacteria effect)
- Deodorization
- Hydrophilic property

FE UVR LAMP with Photocatalyst for indoor air purification

Photocatalyst need to be activated by UV light of a specific
wavelength. Sun light also contains UV light but there¡¯s too
little amount of UV light indoor through the window glass to
activate the photocatalyst. Even the installed UV lamps indoor, which can be found in the market, are not suitable for activating photocatalyst because it cannot activate photocatalyst which is more than 5 cm away.
So, the experiment data in the lab may not be reliable in the
real field applications. FE UVR lamp has high intensity to reach 2m away photocatalyst and very suitable for the indoor purification application. FE UV lamp can make the current TiO2 photocatalyst really applicable in actual field.


Activated photocatalyst by FE UV lamp can remove toxic components and bacteria in the indoor air and help the building environment maintained clean enough. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) like Formaldehydes, Odor compounds like Ammonia, molds and bacteria can be perfectly removed on the surface of photocatalyst and hydroxides generated from the H2O vapor on the catalyst surface.
In this regards, FE UVR Lamp can be used for various applications as below.

- Resolution of Sick Building Syndrome : the fastest method to remove VOCs like Formaldehydes
- Air purification / deodorization : in combination with the photocatalyst-coated wall papers and tiles
- Reduction of Dioxins : the most cost-effective methods for incineration Plants
- Built-in module of electric products like air conditionals, heaters, air purifiers, refrigerators and etc.
- Built-in module of interiors : clothes chest, footwear chest, waste box and toilette free from moisture, molds, odors and bacteria
- Built-in module of automobile : perfect control of SOx, COx and NOx in car exhaust gas

Especially VALLOY is looking at ¡°Sick building syndrome¡± market, recognized as a medical condition in the 1980s, results in symptoms such as a stuffy nose, itchy eyes and throat and respiratory problems like asthma. The symptoms are especially common in people who work in air-conditioned offices, where heavy growth of bacteria and fungi is common within the ventilation systems.
¡°FE UVR Lamp + Photocatalyst¡± will be the only existing resolution for this hot environmental issue.

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