EcoGreen Food Garbage Box

What is EcoGreen Food Garbage Box?

EcoGreen Food Garbage box is deodorization and sterilization waste box for home food garbage.
EcoGreen Food Garbage box is using UV and Ozone for its purification.

Why we need EcoGreen Food Garbage Box?


Advantages of Product

  • Operate at Ambient Temperature
  • Low Annual Operating Cost
  • Proven Effective Technology
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Low Maintenance

How can I operate it?

How does it work?


Current Situation

There‘―re 1.6 million homes in Korea and they are suffering from odor and contamination problem in discharge of food garbage.

Molds which generates odors
It takes 1.7 days at 25~30‘Ι for appearance of molds

Food waste generation and treatment in Korea

Experiment Data

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