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3DroDVD provided by VALLOY INC. is the world¡¯s first software which converts normal DVD movies into stereoscopic movies in real-time. The core algorithm of this real-time conversion obtained patent in USA (US 6,377,625 B1 - Apr. 23, 2002), Korea (KR 0334722 ? Apr. 17, 2002) and Taiwan and it is patent pending 10 other countries including Europe, Japan, Australia and China. With 3DroDVD, people can enjoy real 3D movies whatever they want.

3DroDVD can convert any kind of general 2D movies in DVDs into stereoscopic movies in real-time. So people can select their favorite movies and watch them in stereo3D at Home! There¡¯re unlimited stereoscopic contents now.


Current limitation of Stereoscopic 3D applications

The core 3DroDVD algorithm performs precise analysis
on image sequences to extract movement between
the images. From this motion type analysis, it determines
which direction the camera or object moves, and provide
pertinent depth feeling to each objects in the image by
using this information. This algorithm can convert the
image with not only the movement in left, right, up and
down direction, but also in very fast movement or no
movement at all. ?Basically, all these process are
performed automatically in real time.


3DroDVD Software Package Product

Easy to operate :
- Just single click for converting normal movie titles or files into realistic stereoscopic 3D movies in real-time.

Compatibility :
- Converting DVD and MPEG2 format file. - Direct access to DVD-Rom and - Supporting PAL/NTSC - Compatible with all sync-double compatible devices.

System Requirement :
- Pentium III 733 Mhz CPU - 128 MB memory - Overlay-supporting VGA card/ Sound card - DVD-rom - CRT monitor (Colorcode3D Anaglyph package is also compatible with LCD monitors)


Special Release : 3DproDVD COLORCODE3D Version !

ColorCode 3-D Center and Valloy Inc. proudly presents 3DproDVD Colorcode3D version with glasses!
ColorCode 3-D Center, makers of the most powerful 3-D Stereo system and Valloy Inc., distributors of real-time 2-D to 3-D conversion technology, has joined forces to bring 3-D Stereo to ordinary DVD's. Released today, the new 3DGalleria and 3DproDVD software featuring Soft4D's patented real-time 2-D to 3-D conversion system supported by the patented ColorCode 3-D technology. This powerful combination is the only system in the world which can deliver real-time 2-D to 3-D conversion in full-color 3-D Stereo on a normal PC without any special accessories = Unlimited 3-D on your PC - anywhere, anytime!

Now enjoy any normal DVDs in stereoscopic popping 3D at home easily.

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