3D-Easy with Colorcode 3-D


ColorCode 3-D patents : US Patent No. 6,687,003, AU Patent No. 763370 and Other Patents Pending. Make your own Lenticular 3-D and ColorCode 3-D images on your PC with this ultimate all-in-one 3-D Stereo software. With 3D-Easy you can produce: Lenticular 3-D images (Autostereograms), Flip images, ColorCode 3-D images (ColorCodeStereograms) using the patented Standard encoding and much more. Please see the "Tech infoĦ°, under each product, for further information.

Features and Specifications

Production of Lenticular 3D image - Continuous calculation of Lenticular 3D image from 10 LPI to 999 LPI to be used for printed lenticular images. Support for parallax-barrier method. - Parallel processing of up to 99 images in any size. - Treating image files of up to 24Bit BMP, 2GB (approx. 26000X26000 pixels) - Freely adjustable alignment functions Production of Anaglyph 3D image Calculation of Anaglyph 3D image including Colorcode3D (Yellow-Blue), Red-Cyan, Red-Blue, Red-Green, Magenta-Green and Green-Blue.

Package Includes

- Professional Edition PC software
- 2 Patented ColorCodeViewer,
- User Manual
- Quick start guide
- Example images

System Requirement
- CPU: Pentium 166 MHz or hgher - OS : Windows ME, 98, 2000, NT4 and XP
- RAM : 128 MB memory
- Monitor : 800X600 and 16bit color (1024X768, 32bit color are recommended)
- Free Disk : Minimumn 30 MB for installation and several hundreds MB of free disk for file procuding.
- VGA Card
- CD-rom
- Printer : Inkjet printer with supporting minimum 300 DPI resolution

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