Feel difference at your home theater with Ghost 3D

Can you believe if you can watch Shrek DVD in stereoscopic 3D on you home theater system?
Can you imagine if you can watch your family pictures in Stereoscopic 3D on the wide-screen slideshow?
It¡¯s Ghost3D! You won¡¯t believe your eyes¡¦ Dinosaurs are floating out your wide screen wall and landscape looks spectacle deep into the screen. Movies are so real and pictures are so touchable. You¡¯d swear you can reach out and touch them. People can enjoy any normal DVDs and digital photographs in vivid and realistic 3D stereoscopic multimedia.
Ghost3D can convert any normal DVDs and pictures all into stereoscopic 3D, the ultimate virtual reality experience.


With Ghost3D,

You can convert 2D DVD movies into stereoscopic movies in real-time
You can enjoy original stereoscopic movies without any additional devices (like demultiplexer)
You can play 2 channel analog sound or 5.1 channel Dolby digital sound
You can control all the functions by simply using remote control
You can easily configure various other systems flexibly by using Ghost3D module.


System Configuration


System Specification

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