Banner Stand


Korean outdoor signage market is well developed and there're a lot of products with innovative idea. VALLOY has been developing the vareity banner stands for indoor and outdoor.

Notus Y-Banner

Notus y-banner


  • Designed for Outdoor stability wiith a 19-liter water base tank
  • Wide range of adjustable banner size in both of width
  • Unique design with 3-pivot points
  • Wind-resistant due to its flexible body- connector against any direction of winds
  • ¢¹Specification


    Outboard ¢¹Features

  • Instant Super-Wide impact
  • You can use any kind of banner materials
  • You do not need any tools to assemble or disassemble
  • With Bag Sets, you can easily hand carry OUTBOARD
  • Adjustable size even wider (more than 6m) or taller (3.8m)  


    Giantpole & Tripole



  • With the tallest banner of height at 5.4m, GiantPole stands even in strong wind conditions

  • Offering great visual impact, it can be used both indoors and outdoors to display event, product, or branding messages
  • Setup within 3 minutes
  • Easy to setup, tear down and carry from location to location, even overseas
  • Possible to reach people and moving vehicles as far as 1 km away
  • Enabling display of banners under all kinds of weather condition

  • Comes with handy bags
  • UFO Stand & Human POP


  • Designed for Indoor premium signage
  • High quality material and neat design under patent
  • Easy to install within 2 minutes
  • Light to carry from location to location, even overseas
  • Requiring min. area of ground to stand on
  • Allowing any type of banner material
    (One of very rare stands enabled to hold press-printed papers in mass)
  • Strong seizing in clipping banners and holding stand
  • ¢¹Specification

    Multi-Banner Stand & Windows-Banner-Frame

    ¢¹Features of Multi-Banner Stands

  • Consisting of semi-permanent premium materials for parts and structures
  • Supporting variety in graphic size
  • Providing the new concept of design and multi-functions
  • ¢¹Features of Windows-Banner-Frames

  • Free angle adjustment from 0~180 degrees
  • Hanging banners and signs straight to any surface of windows just in seconds
  • Serving as the most convenient POP system for events and promotions
  • ¢¹Specification


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