........Running Dot Proof Engine (Hard Dot-proofing)


Running Dot Proof Engine (Hard Dot-proofing)

Revolutionary Dot-Analysis engine of VisualDot
The foundation of VisualDot's powerful capabilities to produce top quality screened proofs is in its proven Dot analytical engine. With its Dot-Analysis engine, VisualDot analyzes the CMYK dot patterns and screen angles of high resolution separations and reproduces these by creating arrangements of hard dots on the proofer - right down to rosettes, fine line art, text at just 1 point, and even defects such as moire patterns. The results on the best quality inkjet printers are stunning and contract-quality proofs of up to 200 lines per inch can be produced. The quality of screened proofs produce by VisualDot is dependent on the resolution and other specifications of the color printer being used.
VisualDot's Dot Analysis and resampling engine Delivering Top Quality proofs just as they'll appear on the press exactly, in printing with normal rip software and inkjet printer.

Dot-Proofing workflow
It is not confusing to understand the workflow of Dot-proofing. You can imagine the exactly same workflow of continuous color proofing. For Dot-proofing with VisualDot, the only differences from your familiar continuous color proofing are that you need to add VisualDot in front of your existing color proofing workflow and that you need to import 1 BIT TIFF files instead of original PS files to simulate screen dots on the press. You can keep using your own color proofing workflow with your existing color proofing rip software and profiling system.
VisualDot is independent to the Rip software and VisualDot allows you to use any kind of color proofing rip software, with which you feel comfortable and you're experienced. VisualDot does not change any of color information from original data. It just represents as things are in original
like colors as well as screen dots.
However, maintaining screen dots will actually help color matching too. Dot-proof output can cover
the color on the press output which continuous printing output cannot match without screen dots.


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