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‘We Color Digital”


Valloy Incorporation is aiming to enrich the way to produce things by digital printing technology.

Digital printing is doubtlessly the key component of 4th industrial revolution, with helping “on demand” economy creating entirely new ways of consuming goods and services in the process.


VALLOY Inc. is Korean Venture company established in July, 2004. The company has founded by international marketing professionals and digital imaging professionals who have tens of years of experience in development and marketing for digital software, imaging devices, printing and finishing devices, inks an substrates and next dimensional displays in signage printing, textile printing, interior decoration and label & packaging market. Industrial market like printed electronics or bio-cell printing is another opportunity for digital production by inkjet technology.


Digital Printing technology is currently widely applied to various fields like existing press printing, prepress proofing, indoor/outdoor signage printing, textile printing, car/building wrapping, interior design, product painting and etc. with replacing offset printings, dyeing, etching, circuit design, sculpture, microscopic mechanical control and etc.  We supply the most advanced and cost-effective products in this filed, like Rip software, proof software, imposition software, color separation software, printing machine, head-cleaning machine, ink and media.


VALLOY means Value Alloyers, aiming value of synergy in different people and technologies in digital printing industry. We will provide most demanding products in the market based on in-depth market research that we are conducting in the worldwide market through the vast network of experienced and prestigious partners, to grow together with our customers.




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