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“DUOBLADE SX is an upgraded from DUOBLADE S and it is now well known in the market as the fastest digital knife die-cutter and finisher . This high speed economic digital label finisher has unique design concept to be differentiated from other competitors. It is hybrid system, combining flat-bed and roll-to-roll system. Media transportation is only in forwarding direction without repeated shuttling forward and backward like others. So registration accuracy is second to none. Automatic web-guide edge adjustment system guarantees feeding straightness throughout the operation.
Dual head knife system accellerates speed and you can put maximum 4 knives at the same time. Pressure can be controlled differently for each head electrically and 2 different pressure settings for each head. Vacuum table holds the media rigidly with 320mm X 400mm cutting area. It is all-inclusive model including laminating, matrix removal, slitting, trimming and mini roll separation. Long-label can be cut without limitation by split-cut function. Remote control can be done by wired or wireless TCP/IP communication”


Product Name DUOBLADE SX roll label finisher
Cutting method digital knife die-cutting
No. of heads 2 heads (Max. 4 heads)
Cutting width Max. 320mm
Cutting Speed max. 5.5m/min
Features automatic web-guide, multiple cutters for speed-up, vacuum bed, automatic pressure control, slitting-only mode, pneumatic bobbins, high-capacity servo motor for faster speed and accuracy, roll media connecting plate, real time cutting pressure control, independent cutting pressure control, etc.
Dimension 1580mm x 900mm x 1360mm, 450kgs
Power AC100~240V, 1000W


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