FAPER is unique material with unique features, applicable to many industries. It is an opaque microporous synthetic paper that combines the durability benefits of
printable plastic with game-changing performance capabilities. Faper can be printed by any methods like Inkjet, screen, offset, flexo, gravure, litho, digital, laser intaglio. It has 65% micropores in avg. 200nm size, so easily absorbs aqueous and solvent inks and capture the ink to be durable without any special coating. Duplex printing can be done due to its inherent property. It is thermally stable from -70°C to 200°C. It also bonds without adhesive to many other materials by pressure only.
FAPER is currently used widely – RFID cover for e-passport in 40 countries, driver license in 20 states of USA, metro transportation card in China, outdoor map of National Geographics, Durable label and tags for US military, 35% of student cards and employee coards in Korea, RF shield by printed electronics on US e-Passport, RFID labels in Homeplus and Costco, membrane for automobile air freshener and etc.”


Product Name FAPER DURABLE FILM – SP1000
Thickness 254 micron
Density 167 g/m2
Porosity 65%
Base material Synthetic copolymer of polyolefin + silica
Tensile strength 32.0 N/cm (MD), 15.1 N/cm (CD)
Temp. in use -70˚C ~ 200˚C

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