“TEXCOOK HEAT-FIXER 1826 is a new generation drum-contacting type of direct heat fixation system. This equipment is designed for heat fixation of directly printed textile with using disperse-dye ink. The heat fixation process by using this equipment helps better saturation of color on the fabric with satisfactory duration against UV and washing. It can reduce operation time and cost a lot in comparison with indirect dye-sublimation processes like paper printing, cutting and heat pressing. It can be used for various purposes like high-quality banners, clothes, interior fabrics or other applications easily in short time.
The machine fixes text and image cleanly from absorbed ink in fabric with stable and accurate thermal control and linear speed control. Direct printing on textile gives strong ink density after fixation and suitable for clear image view on backside of flag fabric applications. Air-Dust Collector is combined together in bottom position of the machine. ”


Product Name TEXCOOK HEAT-FIXER 1826
Drum size 1700mm width, 260mm diameter
Operation temp. 160 ºC ~ 220 ºC
Effective width 1,650 mm (65 inch)
Speed Max. 2m/min (230m2 / hr)
Application Hydraulic type
Dimension 1000mm x 2650mm x 1500mm, 550KGs
Power AC220V 7 Kw 32A


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