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“TOPAZET DTS 61/120F LEATHER is a special model for leather printing in large size flat-bed. Its robust bed, smart vacuum table, full-featured TOPAZ RIP software and TOPAZ DTS leather ink ensure a perfect result on each and every print on natural leather. Ink tanks can be refilled from ink bottles, ink waste is minimized and you can print continuously without interruptions. RIP software is offering different features, tools and add-ons.
This industrial DTS (Direct to Substrate) flatbed printer assures precise registration by powerful built-in vacuum table, where vacuum location can be adjustable selectively. Monoblock design of body keeps the machine strong and light. Embedded IR lamps front and back of printing part open pores of leather for effective ink absorbtion and fix the ink after printing for strong durability.”


Product Name TOPAZET DTS 61/120F LEATHER
Printing technology Ink-jet (Micro Piezo Head)
Printing size 610mm x 1200mm
Substrate thickness Max. 200mm
Speed 30 min. for full size in 720DPI
Ink CMYK double (DTS leather ink)
Dimensions (WxLxH) 1350 mm x 1900 mm x 1200-1400 mm

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