“TOPAZET TEX 1800BT is belt type textile printer in 1.8m width. It uses vacuum mesh belt instead of sticky belt for elastic fabric with easy maintenance. Most of textile printers are using silicon coated sticky belts, but the problem is worn out of silicon coating and repeated spray coating of silicon almost everyday. Around the machine becomes sticky and badly contaminated eventually.
Our special VACUUM MESH BELT system is easy and clean for daily operation.
TOPAZET TEX 1800BT can jet the droplets onto the fabric with higher level of voltage, so it is possible to print on terry cloth by jetting at 5mm height from the surface. Heads are supporting ink circulation internally to prevent from nozzle clogging problem. Textile pigment ink, disperse dye ink or reactive ink can be used selectively.


Product Name TOPAZET TEX 1800BT
Printing technology Ink-jet (Micro Piezo Head)
Printing width 1800mm
Feeding Vacuum mesh conveyer
no. of color 8 (max. 16)
Print speed max. 25 m2 / hr
Ink All waterbased ink (disperse-dye, reactive, acid, pigment)
Substrate woven or knited (including elastic)


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