“VALLOY’s variety of windows cling media have 3 types of adhesive. One is silicon adhesive, which has the best wettability on windows and removable, reusable and repositionable. So silicon adhesive products are the most expensive in the highest level of quality. Another adhesive is weak acrylic bond. Our PVC windows cling products (white glossy, white matte and clear glossy) are using acrylic spotted adhesive, to create air turnels. We call it bubble-free adhesive.
WHITE PP Hybrid Cling Solvent 260 is using hybrid adhesive, which is a special combination of acrylic bond and PU, to simulate silicon. During installation of larger area of window, this hybrid adhesive helps faster and easier installation, with better discharge of water. And price is much more economic than silicon adhesive.
WHITE PP Hybrid Cling Solvent It leaves no residues at repositioning. Perfect blockout of premium white PP guarantees perfect quality. There’re Frosty film and Clear film available, using the same Hybrind adhesive.”

Decals are adhesive-backed or pressure sensitive vinyl that can be directly applied to flat surfaces such as metal, glass, stainless steel, painted surfaces, floors, vehicles, and so on. When placed on glass or plastic windows they’re sometimes called “window clings”, held in place by static electricity. This capability saves additional steps for graphics production during imaging, finishing and print installation. This type of application, however, can require much skill in installation – especially on non-uniform surfaces like those found on vehicles. To make it easy, windows cling films are evolved to be re-installable by using silicon or polyurethane back coating. Special patterns in back coating makes air channels to prevent bubbling at installation and we call this as bubble-free film. Due to the restriction for PVC, PP and PET film are typical windows cling substrates. Transparent PET film can be used for shop window advertisement in outside vision with inside installation. Natural lightbox effect can be applied at night.


Material Clear Polyester
Thickness 0.15 mm
Weight 185 g/m2
Characteristics Reverse-side view, Bubble free
Length(m) / Width(inch) 30m / 50″
Ink type “Every solvent including eco-solvent.
Latex and UV.”


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