XTREAMJET RIP SOFTWARE is specially designed for EPSON headed printers like Epson, Mutoh, Roland and Mimaki under OEM brand in Italian market. XTREAMJET Rip is provided by ETS with sublimation ink mostly. The rip is specially developed to overcome the difficulty in printing sublimation colors. Thanks to XTREAMJET RIP, files are converted to PostScript, PDF and Raster for printing as specific raster data according to the system.
ETS with XTREAMJET RIP was one of the first companies in Europe to use RIP software to solve the major problems in color management and in raster separation specific for sublimation, technology only later became a standard. The use of the linearization function, the software ensures constant quality, which is especially important for creating printing digital tests repeatable. The RIP processes can be added at any time either individually or in packets of three according to the needs.


Product Name XTREAMJET RIP PRO v.9
Operation System Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Supported file format PS level 3, EPS, PDF 1.4, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PSD, AI
No. of active printers Max. 4
Supported drivers Most of all drivers from Epson, Roland, Muto, Mimaki
Printing width No limitation
Features Rip&Print on the fly, BiQubic interpolation, Virtual dirver & hotfolder, Job automation, Spot management, Curve tweaking, Variable dot editing, Tiling & Nesting


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