VALLOY means Value Alloyers 

VALLOY INC. is an international marketing and publishing company for various
products and solutions in visualization and digital printing market. VALLOY Inc.
is Korean Venture company established in July, 2004. The company has founded
by international marketing professionals and digital imaging professionals who
have tens of year experience in development and marketing for various digital
printing solutions including software, imaging devices, machinery, assemblies,
consumables, substrates and next dimensional displays in signage printing, textile
printing, interior decoration and label & packaging market. Industrial market like
printed electronics or bio-cell printing is another opportunity for digital production
by inkjet technology. VALLOY means Value Alloyers, aiming value of synergy in
different people and technologies in digital printing industry. We will provide most
demanding products in the market based on in-depth market research that we are
conducting in the worldwide market through the vast network of experienced and
prestigious partners, to grow together with our customers.