When you click OBTAIN button or when you reboot the machine, RESETTING PROCESS starts. RESETTING needs to be done for 3 purposes.

  1. Secure enough buffer length for smooth cutting.

  2. Send heads to reset position for accurate cutting.

  3. Erase previous position of mark sensor and ready to accept new mark sensor position info.

When starting RESETTING, it follows below steps. In each step, please check proximity sensors are turning on.

  1. unwinder side floating rollers go down to bottom sensor using unwinder side feeding roller.

  1. Rewinder side floating rollers go up to top sensor using rewinder side feeding roller.

  1. cutting system goes to reset position and each head goes to reset position too.

If resetting process does not stop like below window, even all resetting process is done and all sensors are on, please check some additional points.

(main motor resetting message does not disappear and resetting does not stop)

  1. Is VENT power ON? Air is applied correctly?

  2. Is the pressure setting adjusted correctly?

  3. Did you turn on buttons for pressure rollers?

  4. Did you turn on expansion buttons and tension buttons for all air shafts?

  5. Is tension loaded to each shaft (unwinder and rewinder) correctly when you try to rotate it manually by hand? If not, please check if the wire connection is correct and rigid in below position. (communication between feeding/receiving control board and tension control board)

  6. If nothing helps, then we can doubt for board failure (Feeding/Receiving control board). Chip 232 could be malfunctional.