If speed is too high, quality can be poor.

In our experience, acceptable max. speed and accelleration with keeping quality of round corners will be as below;


Cut  3000

Move  3000

Track  100


Cut  400

Move   400

Bend  75

(This setting shows very high value for acceleration and it may not be proper to your job.)

However, even in this setting, if your paper flutters during fast moving

and eventually making cutting depth different partly in the same cut line,

you need to adjust tension and pressure.

You can put more tension for FEED and REWINDER.

* You can increase the pressure of floating roller, but it should not be higher than 0.5.

For others, keep them less than 0.4.

Another idea to increase the speed is reduce the delay time.

Try to decrease delay time of cut down and cut up. If there’s no quality issue, you can have higher speed.