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Paper flitters a lot during cutting, this can be caused by demagnetized rodless air cylinder.

There are 2 pairs of rodless cyliners for tension control – one pair for feeding and the other for rewinding. If you see one or some of them are demagnetized, you need to re-magnetizing or replacing the cylinder.

1) How to check if the rodless cylinder is demagnetized?

Magnet powder should be distributed evenly through the length of cylinder. However if you feel magnetic power in the bottom only or in the top only, this means the cylinder is demagnetized. You can feel the magnetic power by touching the cylinder with meta tools like screw driver.

2) How to re-magnetize the rodless cylinder?

You need to power off the machine and pull out the current air line to the cylinder.

Then put new air lines into the bottom and give air pressure (0.4~0.5 MPa) repeatedly. See below video to learn more about it.


Well, here’s easier way. If you can disassemble the rodless cylinder by refering to below explanation in 3), you can try to repair it manually by hand force. See below movie.

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3) How to replace the rodless cylinder?

Trial of re-magnetizing cannot be successful always. In that case you need to replace the cylinder. See below video to learn how to replace the rod cylinder.