If you have head shaking problem (loosened head-distance motor from the screw), you can have a quality problem with head 2~4. So if you compare the result of cutting head 1 and other heads, 1 is ok but 2~4 have problems, you can doubt this problem.

WhatsApp Video 2022-03-15 at 3.30.26 PM.mp4

You need to replace no. 2~4 heads and main screw.

1. Disassemble the cover

2. Take off long screw support covers in each end and manually rotate it

to separate the long screw from 4 motors. To lock the motors,  please proceed this during machine power on.

3. Turn off the machine. Release motors from head braket by releasing 4 bolts.

4. Change the motors.  Proceed this during machine power off.

Be sure to have correct wiring for each motor with each head pressure boards.

2 blue lines can be switched.

5.  Lock the motors by turning on the machine and manually rotate the long screw through motors.

* WX machines released before June 2021 can have this kind of motor gap problem. After we found the problem we changed motor and screw vendor and we do not have this kind of problem any more.