Cut all your goods faster like a laser die-cutting machine!

Cut all your goods faster like a laser die-cutting machine, but without burn mark!

Digital wind blows in label finisher machine market, too!

New marketing tools are attracting attention as the digital breeze blows in the printing market. According to the industry, the digital printing market is expected to increase by 15%. In digital printing technology, productivity is high when printing a small quantity, and it is possible to save time and money by easy operation.It is also easy to use for customer sending DM and invoices that change contents only in the same form. In addition, there is a growing demand for barcodes for inventory management, tracking of distribution information, and capacity changes, as well as trace ability through label printing in the case of counterfeiting, theft or theft of products.Variable data label companies expect that the use of variable data will continue to increase in the digital printing market in the future.

Variable data is often printed in a small quantity of various types, and accordingly, it is becoming a digital post-processing equipment that mainly manufactures a small quantity of digital label finisher. In analog label market, Thomson blade have to create depending on label shapes and size and it is not good for small quantity batch production labels. but now, in digital market, the story is different.It cuts all the die-lines by using the blade and the laser. It doesn’t have to make a new blade for new shapes, new sizes and as a result, it saves money and the time.

Of course, they have each have advantage sand disadvantages. For digital laser label cutters, it boasts cutting speeds from 5 m / min to a maximum of 15 m / min.In addition, it is equipped with a mechanism for laminating, slitting and so on, so it is an all-in-one label cutting machine that combines speed.. but this laser die-cutting machine has a disadvantage.laser make a burn mark (or it is called white edge in films) in outside of labels after cutting and it is the biggest reason that people cannot replace the laser die-cutting machine from Thomson finisher easily. The cost is also expensive.


In the way, the digital blade label cutters do not make burn mark or white edge like laser label cutter, and are very clean and sophisticated. However, most roll-to-roll label post-processor speeds are on average 1 to 2 meters per minute, which is a very slow speed to produce commercial labels.It is very difficult options. Users have to choice between speedy cutting even if it makes burn mark (or white edge) or clear cutting result considering slow speed.

To complement this, Valloy Inc. Has released DUOBLADE S, which can be used with up to four blades mounted simultaneously in the second half of 2018. DUOBLADE S is an all-in-one digital post-processing machine that uses the same speed of 5 m / min as the normal speed of laser and can complete roll to roll total label finisher from laminating to slitting and grasping at once.

In particular, the 2nd Rewinder used for slitting is built in, so users do not have to pay extra for the optional 2nd Rewinder. The DUOBLADE S, which is praised as the world’s fastest digital blade label cutting machine at a speed of 5 m / min from the moment of its launch, releases and sells DUOBLADE SX which is upgraded DUOBLADE S in the second half of 2018. Cutting speed, which is the biggest advantage of DUOBLADE S, is now faster and more precise cutting is possible with the high-speed servo motor which is double the capacity of S. By applying a pneumatic core fixing system to the unwinder and rewinder, each core can be independently controlled on the operator.

In addition, to compensate for the inconvenience of having to move the position of each slitter one by one, it has been upgraded to control the slitting bar so that the entire slitting bar can be moved to set its position. And it can control the pressure of cutting head independently as well as real time cutting pressure adjustment, and supports full cut and half cut simultaneously.Also, to reduce media installation time specific to the roll-to-roll device, the media attaching plate is installed to enhance the user’s convenience. “DUOBLADE SX with faster speed, sophistication and user friendliness ”DUOBLADE SX will go beyond the reputation of DUOBLADE S, the steady seller of Valloy, and look forward to opening up a new era of label post-processing machines for small batches.


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View of flexible package printing and beverage printing

According to a report by Smithers Pira, the market for packaging materials is growing rapidly at a rate of 3% a year, and the total industry size is expected to reach as high as $ 248 billion by 2020. In terms of usage, the food industry is much larger, but the beverage division has started to apply flexible packaging materials to various products. Products such as wine, juice, frozen cocktails and energy drinks are increasingly being packaged in pouches, with a growing trend in the number of small caps for one person.
Consumers prefer a portable and convenient pouch on the move, and it is advantageous in that they can be brought to places where glass bottles are not allowed, such as sports arenas and beaches.
As the various shapes and sizes have been developed for children, track-running athletes, etc., pouch packaging has been ergonomically developed and improved in convenience.

In the meantime, the beverage industry has been providing pouches with straws for many years. It was generally used as a straw to be inserted into a small foil hole in a single carton, but nowadays, a cap that can be closed again has appeared so that the consumer can open and open the lid again. Laminate has also been improved to effectively block the deterioration of oxygen and sunlight to increase the shelf life of the film is attached to flexible packaging material options. Beverage quality.

<13″ digital roll to roll label press BIZPRESS 13R>

VALLOY Inc. has launched BIZPRESS 13R, a digital label printer that can print flexible packaging materials regardless of heat or static electricity, in order to prepare for evolving flexible packaging and beverage packaging printing. Generally, digital printing requires a high temperature of 200 degrees and it is difficult to print on metal or film materials which are sensitive to electricity because it is based on electrostatic method. To overcome this limitation of digital printing, BIZPRESS 13R uses EA-ECO toner printing with low temperature to prevent the damage of the fuser. In addition, Ionizer is installed to remove the static electricity when printing on film materials. as a result, it can print on most of materials with the best quality, even though it is a digital printing machine. The exclusive software supports print variable data printing like QR code, 2D barcode and LOT number, serial numbers. And it prints regardless of the amount of printing.


The limitation of the digital printing method are finally breaking one by one.  and Valloy is on top of that. Trigger already pulled. you don’t have to find the printing solution for flexible packaging printer. BIZPRESS 13R will be the best solution with the material compatibility and fast printing speed.


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DUOBLADE F is watched by all of the world -from KOTRA

DUOBLADE F was introduced in KOTRA

DUOBLADE F, digital sheet-fed blade cutting machine is watched by KOTRA.

This press explains why you must choice DUOBLADE F and what is special.

please read below press from KOTRA.


Valloy Inc., a Korean venture company established in July 2004, is a globalized enterprise that produces and distributes machines for printing/post process, providing various products and solutions in the visualization and digital printing market.

Valloy has been established by marketing and digital imaging specialists having more than 10 years of experiences in the areas of marketing and development for various digital solutions including software, imaging device, machine, assembly, consumables, board and sign printing used in the advertisement market, fabric printing, interior decoration and label/packaging.

DUOBLADE F, Valloy’s Digital roll-to-roll, multi-blade die-cutting machine,cuts the label by moving tow blades simultaneously with the high-speed servo motor in order to supplement the slow speed which was an endemic problem of the conventional blade die-cutting machine, thereby  enabling works at a cutting speed more than three times higher than other products on the market. In addition, if you set tow cutting pressures for each blade as required, this product can perform the kiss-cut and the full-cut simultaneously by adjusting the pressure automatically according to the pressure setting application value of the cutting line. Also, the cutting error is 0.1mm, enabling a very precise cutting.

In addition, equipped with a high-capacity automatic feeding system, this product supports the unmanned production process by stably feeding up to 1,000 sheets of maximum 360mm (W) x 840mm (H) size paper and a vacuum suction rubber roller and an air brush are installed to prevent paper jamming due to static electricity during the media transportation.

The gap between the cutting head is automatically adjusted by the touch screen operation, and the paper collection box supported by the advanced shock absorber can be folded to save space while not operated DUOBLADE F is the first high-speed, high-capacity commercial label cutting machine exclusively for cut sheet, boasting a cute cubic shape suitable for office with the size of a washing machine.

DUOBLADE F, which can be used with most of the super A3 printers like offset printers or XEROX in the situation that supply of roll-to-roll label printers in insufficient on the market, is the optimal solution for the customers who want production of custom stickers or label sheets. Therefore, this product claims customers’ attention both at home and abroad.





LabelExpo 2018 Preview from LABELS & LABELING

Labelexpo Americas 2018, you need to focus on what Valloy shows!

Valloy showed new digital label products in this label expo and Labels & Labeling, one of big label magazines focused on Valloy’s new products in website.

Valloy shows its Bizpress 13R 13in roll-to-roll single pass digital label printer powered by a Xerox CMYK toner engine. White can optionally replace the black, with black simulated by mixing CMY via the Rip software. It has pre-cut label support and a maximum print speed of 7.5m/min.  Use of low temperature fusing technology, media cooler and anti-static ionizer allows film materials such as PP, PET, PET and PVC to be handled as well as paper substrates. Also on display is DUOBLADE F digital sheet cutting machine. This incorporates two adjustable blades, allowing, for example, one pass to do a full-cut and kiss=cut at the same time. The Duoblade is the roll-to-roll version, including lamination, matrix removal, slitter and rewinder , again with a multi-cutting head.