If you have cloudy pattern on solid color like below, it is caused by face scratch from the fuser.

This problem may have started by too high tension of rewinder first, which makes wrinkles and unbalanced speed between main motor and fuser motor. Now this is showing fuser speed is “faster” than main motor speed, because of loosened fuser belt film.

1) Please set the media for straight feeding and rewinding. Use web guide.

2) Use not to high rewinder tension (40~60 for rewinder, 20~40 for unwinder).

3) Please check fuser’s orange color roller film status. Do you see wrinkles or damages?

   If then, you need to replace the fuser.

4) If you do not have a spare fuser and you need to use the current fuser, try this.

Check fuser speed (NVM 744-596~600). Are they all 17800?

Check main motor speed (NVM 741-042, 044, 045). Are they all 15848?

If then, please try to reduce the fuser speed (NVM 744-596~600) from 17800 to 17760.

See the difference. If you still have the same problem, try 17740.