Regarding ring blower, it can be overheated when it is not properly installed.

1. Please use it without wooden box, we pack with it for safe transportation.

2. You need to connect “PRESSURE REDUCER” to IN position, which will put fresh air into the blower to prevent overheating. Pressure reducer will decrease the noise too.

– There’re 2 holes in the blower. One is IN and the other is OUT.

– You need to connect “PRESSURE REDUCER” to IN position.

 – And flexible pipe should be connected to the PRESSURE REDUCER.

  (Not like below right photo, which has connection of PRESSURE RESUCER to OUT position – wrong.)

– In OUT position, you can connect “noise reducer”.  If you do not have it, you can leave it as it is.

  However the hole should not be blocked.  (In below right photo, OUT hole is blocked which can be dangerous.)


– To prevent overheating, please do not cover the wooden box during operation and turn it off when cutter does not move.

See also below videos;