DuoBlade SX : TCP/IP connection

When you have ‘Device Not Online’ message in the sw, you need to check TCP/IP setting.

  • please check if your lan cable is good. try to change lan cable.

  • please check IP settings are correct in the cutter LCD for pc and cutter.

  • Check ping test from the computer if cutter is connected well.

  • If not, please check any confliction with the specific IP. Try different IP.

  • If yes, please check if you are using the same digits or the first 3 sets in IPs.

  • If yes, please disable your firewall.

  • Please check with a different PC and notebook.

    * Be sure that you always need to reboot the cutter,

    to recieve ping signal from the cutter in the pc when ip setting changed.

Normal method (example)
  • For example, cutter has and PC has,
    set them up in the cutter LCD first.

  • Setup PC’s IP address

  • Setup SW IP address of cutter

  • check IPCONFIG and PING test in the PC.
    During PING test, below message is not normal.

    You should get below normal message.

  • Reboot the cutter and see if sw is showing online message.

* Caution : Please setup computer and s/w IP address first.
   Then setup MACHINE IP ADDRESS and n the machine.
   Only when rebooting the machine, new IP address info will be delivered to the PC and software.
   (If you change settings in PC, you need to reboot the machine again.)
  • How do resolve the connection problem if cutting software shows ‘Device not online’ error?
  • Check lan cable connection
  • Check correct IP address is applied in the machine and setting in the software
  • Check first 3 sections of IP address is the same in the PC
  • PING test between PC and machine
  • Check if there’s any confliction of IP address with other devices or wireless phone/tablet
  • Try to turn off firewall in Window OS 
  • Try to turn off ANTI-VIRUS program
  • Try with another labtop with direct lan connection
If software is showing online/offline switching message repeatedly in fast way,
it means you are running multiple cutting programs at the same time.

Please check your program try and kill others with leaving just one software.