When you use multiple heads and cutting dept is different like below, check this out.

Red line is too deep cutting area and black line is OK in this example.

We check the level of the machine cautiously in the factory, so cutting arm and cutting bed must be in parallel for sure.

But you need to check the level of machine at installation for sure.

To check if the problem is related with holder/knife, the easiest way is to change holder from head no. 4

with holder from head no. 1 or others to check the result.

This will give a clue where the problem comes from – holder part or others (head part or level/pressure displacement).


During you check the knife holders (try to clean and reinstall the knife correctly),

please also share the current speed setting and pressure setting of each head, together with your cutting design.

For your info, starting point of cutting is recommended as below.

The uneven cutting depth can happen,

– when using no vacuum (caused by lifted paper)

– knife depth is short and pressure is too high

– knife depth is long and pressure is too low

– friction in head solenoid up/down movement

(check by finger to press the holder if it moves smoothly)

for head friction problem, please see below note also.

DuoBlade SX : When one of the cutting heads has friction and holder is not moving smoothly up and down

– loosened bolt can make the blade holder lifted during cutting.

(check by pressing the holder by finger strongly and if holder is lifted up like below.)

– dusty or damaged blade holder

– not properly installed blade/spring in the holder

– not rigidly fixed holder cap

–  loosened knob of holder which needs replacement

–  worn out blade

– cutting speed is too high. Pls reduce the speed.

If knife depth is constant, the remaining problem can be pressure.

Due to the characteristic of solenoid, desired pressure can be obtained over 0.5mm displacement.

Safely after 1mm displacement, you can get very stable pressure power.


You can check this displacement by loosen the holder fixing bolt and

manually press the nipper down and measure the gap between nipper top and holder bridge bottom.

Pls check the attached video and below instruction.

You can measure this displacement in different position of cutting bed.

Check if you can get more than 0.5mm displacement everywhere.

If you see it is less than 0.5mm inside of the bed, bed level needs to be adjusted (inner side lower).

In this case, you can try to change the cutting pad fabric or adjust the level of cutting bed.

– cutting pad (fabric felt) is not smooth.

(In this case, the pad needs to be replaced, but it can be reused by upside down.

This fabric pad is attached onto the metal bed by using double-side adhesive tape, so easy to install.)


For cutting bed level adjustment, please see below note. But this is the last part to try.

(By measuring the pressure displacement in each position, you can see which part of the cutting bed needs to be lifed up or lowered down.)

DUOBLADE SX : How to adjust the level of machine and make the cutting bed and cutting arm in parallel?