You can enter this value in the DC330 to manually operate the Motors.

This operation is to check and ensure the integrity of the moving parts.

You will have to open the front cover and operate this to see the gears turning, or hear the sound of fitting.

Proceed with caution.

010-001 Fuser motor only (225mm/s)

010-006 Fuser motor only (121mm/s) < only use this low speed to avoid any mechanical problems.

042-002 Main Motor (121mm/s)

042-006 Main Motor (225mm/s)

077-050 Take away motor 1-2 phase

094-006 IBT Motor On (121mm/s)

094-009 IBT Motor On (225mm/s)

091-015 Drum YMC + Drum K + IBT Motor (121mm/s)

091-018 Drum YMC + Drum K + IBT Motor (225mm/s)


091-033 K drum + Developer Motor On (121mm/s)

091-036 K drum + Developer Motor On (225mm/s)

091-027 YMC Drum Motor On (121mm/s)

091-030 YMC Drum Motor On (225mm/s)

093-022 YMC Developer Motor On(121mm/s)

093-026 YMC Developer motor On(225mm/s)

There is no separate K developer motor turn on. When K drum Operates Developer operates as well.

093-002 Dispense Motor Y (121mm/s)

093-005 Dispense Motor Y (225mm/s)

093-007 Dispense Motor M (121mm/s)

093-010 Dispense Motor M (225mm/s)

093-012 Dispense Motor C (121mm/s)

093-015 Dispense Motor C (225mm/s)

093-017 Dispense Motor K (121mm/s)

093-021 Dispense Motor K (225mm/s)

Above listed are individual toner dispense motors.

They cannot run on its own.

Dispense motors should be activated when 091-033, 091-027, 093-022 are running.

091-043 Waste toner box Motor turn on (agitator motor)

091-045 Combined component control motor (CHG agitator motor)

Turns on all of the above listed motors