1) set both head ON and try to do ‘manual cut’ of the straight line.

If the result is like A (line of 1st head and 2nd head do not meet together), go to 2).

If the result is like B (line of1st head and 2nd head meet together), go to 3).


2) Head alignment is wrong.

– Check if machine is installed flat horizontally.

– Check if knife holder has a problem (try to rotate the holder 90’~180’ to see the difference.   Also try to change 1st knife holder and 2nd knife holder to see the difference.)

* Each knife holder can have mechanical error in center position.

– Adjust the guide rail alignment like below photo. Release 1-1, 1-2 and fasten 2-1, 2-2 to adjust axis angle.

Make changes in 1/4 circles step for precise control.

To do this,  you need to open the cover first and adjust top bolts and bottom bolts in the same amount.


3) Head alignment is good. So it is setting problem.

You need to adjust “X-VERT” parameter to fix the problem.